We invest in cutting-edge medical developments to ensure we always attract the best consultants and provide the highest standards of diagnosis and treatment

A Passion for Quality health Care

Our medical professionals are driven by quality, working together with a shared commitment to delivering truly personalised, patient-centred care.

Providing an Exceptional
Patient Experience

Our dedication to the highest standards of care, from the moment a patient arrives to the moment they move, is reflected in the excellent feedback we won.

Improving the Quality Your Life at Home

Our Inspiration -"I have come to heal the sick "(St. Mathew 12:9

Our Vision

Providence is translated.Healing is blessing from God reaches through the hands of Human Beings.

Our Mission

Be the instrument of God to translate the divine providence of healing to our patients through dedicated care and continuous striving for providing and enhancing the quality of service day after day within a serene, clean, safe and green environment.

Our Philosophy

Care, Commitment, Compassion and Unparalleled excellence. Going beyond medicine to make an individual healthy. Finally, benefits uncompromising to humanity.


Medical Care 24/7

With access to 24 hour emergency assistance, It’s so important you can continue to help others.

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Service Recipient Says

We have experienced excellent treatment from Paalana. A truly recommended hospital with excellent Doctor's

Joseph Kerala

Reliable hospital with various specialties within the reachability of people residing in Palakkad. Ample car parking space is available. As the hospital is located outside the town, the traffic will be favorable in case of emergencies. Health and hygiene is also duly maintained.

Roshan Sanu Palakkad,Kerala

Good experience. Recently I was admitted in Palna hospital for pulmonary issues . Care received from both the doctor(pulmonologist) and the nursing staff was really good.

Haridasan Mannatil Palakkad