Paalana - A Project of the Malabar Medical Mission

Paalana is a humanitarian social development project of the Malabar Medical Mission, nurtured and nourished by 13 indigenous catholic groups namely, • Diocese of Palakkad • Diocese of Sultanpet (Formerly Diocese of Coimbatore) • Devamatha Province, Thrissur (CMI) • Devamatha Social Service Department, Thrissur (CMI) • St. Thomas Monastery, Pavaratty (CMI) • Amala Medical College, Thrissur (CMI) • Presentation Sisters, Coimbatore • Seraphic Province, Palakkad (FCC) • School Sisters of St. Francis, Thrissur (OSF) • Jai Christo province, Palakkad (CMC) • Marian Province, Palakkad (CHF) • Vimala Rani Regional House, Palakkad (SABS) • Sisters of St. Francis of Assissi, Kanjikode (OSF)

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 How our Hospital doctors examine patients  ?

How our Hospital doctors examine patients ?

The doctor–patient relationship has been and remains a keystone of  treatment: the  way in which data are gathered, diagnoses and plans are made, compliance is accomplished, and  treatment, patient activation, and support are provided.To managed care organizations, its importance rests…

 Working at Paalana Institute of Medical Science

Working at Paalana Institute of Medical Science

We invest in our people, and offer employment opportunities in a range of different environments – as you’d expect from the Industry, largest independent hospital and healthcare network. In our hospitals we offer opportunities for excellent professionals in in Doctors,…

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